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over 3000 samples! more than 640 MB, sound effects, backgrounds, deep atmos, ambient pads, basses, synths, house pianos ..

CDROM contents

  • more than 3000 licence free WAV files, ready for instant use
  • more than 640 MB of audio data
  • 44100, 16bit, mono or stereo uncompressed WAV format (or available in Audio CD format)
  • recorded single notes, multisampled basses and synths, drum hits, percussion and ethic instruments
  • sound effects, backgrounds, deep atmos, ambient pads
  • rave & hardcore hooks & stabs, styley chords, oldskool organs & string sections
  • well sorted samples, directory structure
  • most samples left dry for maximum usability and flexibility
  • view complete directory listing and complete file listing

Download Samples

Download Demo tracks

  • sa4demo.mp3 878 kB, a short demo track. All samples come from sa4: synth dream Kit CD wav version
  • more coming soon...

    The CD is available in .WAV format, 1308 .WAV files. Order online
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