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This folder contains various tinklers and bells. They are used to emphasize hi-end of the mix. Bright tinklers. Warm tinklers. Ice tinklers. Dark tinklers...
bell+tinkler 01_tinkler_1 01_tinkler_1 95 kB   bright tinkler
bell+tinkler 02_tinkler_2 02_tinkler_2 125 kB mp3 demo damped tinkler
bell+tinkler 03_tinkler_3 03_tinkler_3 117 kB   complex tinkler
bell+tinkler 04_tinkler_4 04_tinkler_4 42 kB   knockin tinkler
bell+tinkler 05_tinkler_5 05_tinkler_5 88 kB   ringin tinkler
bell+tinkler 06_tinkler_6 06_tinkler_6 201 kB   ambient tinkler
bell+tinkler 07_tinkler_7 07_tinkler_7 135 kB mp3 demo tubular tinkler
This section contains diverse classic orchestral instruments. You'll find here everything to produce complete film scores and orchestral arrangements. String sections. Solo strings. Violins. Violas. Cellos. Pizzicato strings. Marcato strings. Slow strings. Warm strings. Backings strings. Grand pianos. Concert guitars. Horns. Basses. Flutes. Choirs. Bels. Vibes. Percussion and more...
orchestral 01_string_section_1 01_string_section_1 10465 kB mp3 demo advanced wide orchestral strings (multisampled)
orchestral 02_solo_violin_1 02_solo_violin_1 4493 kB mp3 demo multisampled classical solo violin
orchestral 03_solo_violin_2 03_solo_violin_2 1971 kB   passionate solo violin (multisampled)
orchestral 04_solo_viola_1 04_solo_viola_1 4413 kB   classical solo viola (multisampled)
orchestral 05_cello_1 05_cello_1 5481 kB   classical cello (multisampled)
orchestral 06_cello_2 06_cello_2 3930 kB mp3 demo classic orchestral cello (multisampled)
orchestral 07_pizz_1 07_pizz_1 282 kB   orchestral pizzicato strings (multisampled)
orchestral 08_pizz_2 08_pizz_2 374 kB   accented pizzicato strings (multisampled)
orchestral 09_pizz_3 09_pizz_3 883 kB   wide ambient pizzicato strings (multisampled)
orchestral 10_echo_pizz 10_echo_pizz 104 kB   slight echoed pizzicato
orchestral 11_string_section_2 11_string_section_2 1639 kB   soundtrack string section (multisampled)
orchestral 12_string_section_3 12_string_section_3 488 kB   extra wide strings (multisampled)
orchestral 13_string_section_4 13_string_section_4 2022 kB   symphonic orchestra strings (multisampled)
orchestral 14_string_section_5 14_string_section_5 1675 kB   classic pop strings (multisampled)
orchestral 15_string_section_6 15_string_section_6 1016 kB   new age orchestra strings (multisampled)
orchestral 16_string_section_7 16_string_section_7 2637 kB   concert string section (multisampled)
orchestral 17_string_section_8 17_string_section_8 2472 kB   great movie strings section (multisampled)
orchestral 18_string_section_9 18_string_section_9 1920 kB   emotional strings section (multisampled)
orchestral 19_string_section_10 19_string_section_10 2601 kB   grand string section (multisampled)
orchestral 20_string_section_11 20_string_section_11 2170 kB   slow strings section (multisampled)
orchestral 21_big_strings 21_big_strings 457 kB mp3 demo big movie-style backing strings
orchestral 22_lo-fi_strings 22_lo-fi_strings 4733 kB   30s movie strings (multisampled)
orchestral 23_piano_strings 23_piano_strings 16628 kB mp3 demo grand concert piano + symphonic strings (multisampled)
orchestral 24_solo_viola_2 24_solo_viola_2 95 kB   high intensity solo viola (multisampled)
orchestral 25_solo_viola_3 25_solo_viola_3 1567 kB   studio solo viola (multisampled)
orchestral 26_brass_section_1 26_brass_section_1 3348 kB   classic brass section (multisampled)
orchestral 27_brass_section_2 27_brass_section_2 2457 kB   wide stereo brass section (multisampled)
orchestral 28_brass_section_3 28_brass_section_3 250 kB   memory saving horns
orchestral 29_brass_section_4 29_brass_section_4 1925 kB   great swelling brass (multisampled)
orchestral 30_brass_section_5 30_brass_section_5 1249 kB mp3 demo smooth useful brass (multisampled)
orchestral 31_brass_section_6 31_brass_section_6 609 kB   expressive brass section (multisampled)
orchestral 32_brass_section_7 32_brass_section_7 476 kB   attenuated brass section (multisampled)
orchestral 33_brass_section_8 33_brass_section_8 619 kB   distinct brass section (multisampled)
orchestral 34_trumpet_1 34_trumpet_1 3721 kB mp3 demo excellent trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 35_trumpet_2 35_trumpet_2 1030 kB   more multisampled trumpet
orchestral 36_trumpet_3 36_trumpet_3 644 kB   a bit faint multisampled trumpet
orchestral 37_trumpet_4 37_trumpet_4 831 kB   vibrating trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 38_trumpet_5 38_trumpet_5 1223 kB   smooth trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 39_trumpet_6 39_trumpet_6 924 kB   jazz trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 40_mute_trumpet_1 40_mute_trumpet_1 924 kB   nice soothing mute trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 41_mute_trumpet_2 41_mute_trumpet_2 217 kB   croaky mute trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 42_mute_trumpet_3 42_mute_trumpet_3 1378 kB   smoov mute trumpet (multisampled)
orchestral 43_solo_viola_4 43_solo_viola_4 1061 kB   disquietude solo viola (multisampled)
orchestral 44_solo_violin_3 44_solo_violin_3 563 kB   real feel solo violin (multisampled)
orchestral 45_marcato_strings 45_marcato_strings 1127 kB   orchestral marcato strings (multisampled)
orchestral 46_horn 46_horn 3788 kB   great english horn (multisampled)
orchestral 47_horn_section 47_horn_section 3758 kB mp3 demo concert horn section (multisampled)
orchestral 48_bassoon 48_bassoon 3871 kB   classical bassoon (multisampled)
orchestral 49_tuba 49_tuba 577 kB   accurate tuba (multisampled)
orchestral 50_flute_1 50_flute_1 3368 kB   delicate breath flute (multisampled)
orchestral 51_flute_2 51_flute_2 941 kB mp3 demo great celtic flute with real breath, touch and feel (multisampled)
orchestral 52_flute_3 52_flute_3 943 kB   nice asian flute (multisampled)
orchestral 53_flute_4 53_flute_4 2017 kB   ethno flute (multisampled)
orchestral 54_flute_5 54_flute_5 2902 kB   precise multisampled flute
orchestral 55_flute_6 55_flute_6 46 kB   new age electronica flute (multisampled)
orchestral 56_flute_7 56_flute_7 116 kB   celtic flute (multisampled)
orchestral 57_flute_8 57_flute_8 80 kB   fast jazz flute (multisampled)
orchestral 58_flute_9 58_flute_9 193 kB   orchestral flute
orchestral 59_synth_flute 59_synth_flute 171 kB   multisampled new age flute
orchestral 60_shaku 60_shaku 254 kB   shakuhachi flute (multisampled)
orchestral 61_clarinet 61_clarinet 3085 kB mp3 demo multisampled classic clarinet
orchestral 62_oboe 62_oboe 3726 kB   multisampled oboe
orchestral 63_piccolo 63_piccolo 2015 kB   ultra high piccolo (multisampled)
orchestral 64_vibe 64_vibe 18132 kB   classic vibe (multisampled)
orchestral 65_aaah_1 65_aaah_1 903 kB   church aah choir (multisampled)
orchestral 66_aaah_2 66_aaah_2 31 kB   synth choir
orchestral 67_aaah_3 67_aaah_3 36 kB   flanged aaah choir
orchestral 68_aaah_4 68_aaah_4 107 kB mp3 demo low male aah choir
orchestral 69_oooh_1 69_oooh_1 779 kB   multisampled ooh choir
orchestral 70_oooh_2 70_oooh_2 606 kB   clean ambient ooh choir
orchestral 71_oooh_3 71_oooh_3 24 kB   synth oooh
orchestral 72_oooh_4 72_oooh_4 53 kB   dark ooh choir
orchestral 73_oooh_5 73_oooh_5 98 kB   synthetic oooh choir
orchestral 74_dooo 74_dooo 33 kB   dooo voice
orchestral 75_eeee 75_eeee 41 kB   eeee voice
orchestral 76_uuuu 76_uuuu 0 kB   choir singing uuuu
orchestral 77_haaa 77_haaa 0 kB   female haaa voice
orchestral 78_grand_piano_1 78_grand_piano_1 6163 kB   orchestral grand piano (multisampled)
orchestral 79_grand_piano_2 79_grand_piano_2 3682 kB   classic grand piano (multisampled)
orchestral 80_bright_piano 80_bright_piano 5801 kB   bright dance piano (multisampled)
orchestral 81_nylon_guitar 81_nylon_guitar 1262 kB   classical nylon guitar (multisampled)
orchestral 82_steel_guitar 82_steel_guitar 1518 kB mp3 demo classical steel guitar (multisampled)
orchestral 83_orch_guitar 83_orch_guitar 563 kB   celtic guitar (multisampled)
orchestral 84_harp 84_harp 3011 kB   classical harp (multisampled)
orchestral 85_celesta 85_celesta 2085 kB mp3 demo fantastic celesta (multisampled)
orchestral 86_harpsichord 86_harpsichord 2707 kB   classic harpsichord (multisampled)
orchestral 87_chimes 87_chimes 552 kB   nice wind chimes
orchestral 88_marimba 88_marimba 1419 kB   precise multisampled marimba
orchestral 89_orchestra_hit 89_orchestra_hit 245 kB   orchestra hit (multisampled)
orchestral 90_timpani 90_timpani 635 kB mp3 demo concert hall timpani (multisampled)
The last folder on this CDROM is reserved for pads. Ambient ethno pads. Analogue pads. Choir pads. Bell pads. Trance pads. Magic pads. Chord pads. Hypnotic pads. Techno pads. Breatch pads. Warm pads. Fat pads. Bizzare pads and more. There are also several super-wide orchestral pads and atmospheres...
pad 01_crystal 01_crystal 9217 kB   nice light pad (multisampled)
pad 02_dream 02_dream 11816 kB mp3 demo soundtrack pad (multisampled)
pad 03_flute 03_flute 867 kB   deep breath pad (multisampled)
pad 04_hard 04_hard 473 kB   harder trance pad (multisampled)
pad 05_piano_1 05_piano_1 3946 kB   nice stringy pad (multisampled)
pad 06_piano_2 06_piano_2 3799 kB   bangin piano pad (multisampled)
pad 07_bell_1 07_bell_1 414 kB   big echoed orchestral pad
pad 08_bell_2 08_bell_2 1938 kB   bell magic pad (multisampled)
pad 09_bell_3 09_bell_3 817 kB   subtle echo bell pad (multisampled)
pad 10_bell_4 10_bell_4 3950 kB   awesome clean bell choir pad (multisampled)
pad 11_bell_5 11_bell_5 303 kB   classic bell pad
pad 12_arp 12_arp 367 kB   ambient texture pad
pad 13_space 13_space 2635 kB mp3 demo exciting multisampled string pad
pad 14_ep3 14_ep3 3912 kB   ambient electric piano pad (multisampled)
pad 15_nightmare 15_nightmare 2054 kB   thrilling horror pad (multisampled)
pad 16_chordy 16_chordy 355 kB   four different chord pads
pad 17_xn34 17_xn34 1353 kB   energy tremolo analogue pad (multisampled)
pad 18_acid 18_acid 1963 kB   LFO filtered pad (multisampled)
pad 19_hypno 19_hypno 10069 kB mp3 demo nice and sweet pad (multisampled)
pad 20_choir_1 20_choir_1 4530 kB   bell and choir x-mas pad (multisampled)
pad 21_choir_2 21_choir_2 3189 kB   comfortable choiry pad (multisampled)
pad 22_choir_3 22_choir_3 738 kB   devil breath pad
pad 23_choir_4 23_choir_4 2615 kB mp3 demo classic bell choir pad (multisampled)
pad 24_choir_5 24_choir_5 516 kB   christian choir pad
pad 25_choir_6 25_choir_6 286 kB   new age pop pad
pad 26_choir_7 26_choir_7 926 kB mp3 demo ambient ethno pad
pad 27_choir_8 27_choir_8 149 kB   synthetic choir pad
pad 28_10mg 28_10mg 220 kB mp3 demo small and sweet pop pad
pad 29_wind 29_wind 231 kB   ambient wind dark pad
pad 30_analogue_1 30_analogue_1 2609 kB   cool dance pad (multisampled)
pad 31_analogue_2 31_analogue_2 1752 kB   sweet analogue pad (multisampled)
pad 32_analogue_3 32_analogue_3 2364 kB mp3 demo phat analogue deep pad (multisampled)
pad 33_analogue_4 33_analogue_4 760 kB   deep sweeping pad
pad 34_analogue_5 34_analogue_5 358 kB   LPF backing pad
pad 35_analogue_6 35_analogue_6 292 kB   ultra phat low-end pad
pad 36_tactical 36_tactical 358 kB   echo pad
pad 37_bye 37_bye 624 kB   moody fading out pad
pad 38_hammer 38_hammer 164 kB   hammer hit string pad
pad 39_fuzzz 39_fuzzz 97 kB   thick overdrive pad
pad 40_ambient_1 40_ambient_1 0 kB   short impact acid pad (multisampled)
pad 41_ambient_2 41_ambient_2 766 kB   oscillating analog pad (multisampled)
pad 42_ambient_3 42_ambient_3 684 kB   buzz pad (multisampled)
pad 43_ambient_4 43_ambient_4 180 kB mp3 demo dark background ethnic pad
pad 44_mega 44_mega 315 kB   ultra wide flanged pad
pad 45_deepcave 45_deepcave 455 kB   ambient atmosphere pad
pad 46_rumble 46_rumble 151 kB   industrial pad
pad 47_sweet 47_sweet 197 kB   sweet voice pad
pad 48_static 48_static 237 kB mp3 demo classic trance club pad
pad 49_field 49_field 574 kB   lazy trip hop pad
pad 50_sweep_1 50_sweep_1 291 kB   analogue sweep pad
pad 51_sweep_2 51_sweep_2 594 kB   short analogue attack pad
pad 52_sweep_3 52_sweep_3 656 kB   phase drift pad
pad 53_sweep_4 53_sweep_4 689 kB   transformer pad
pad 54_excaved 54_excaved 899 kB mp3 demo cute ethno techno pad
pad 55_hi-life 55_hi-life 246 kB   restless pad
pad 56_tracer 56_tracer 454 kB   nu skool synth pad (multisampled)
pad 57_probe 57_probe 242 kB   gong bell pad
pad 58_sand 58_sand 95 kB   unusual strange pad
pad 59_hyper 59_hyper 386 kB mp3 demo twisted oscillating pad
pad 60_boxy 60_boxy 344 kB mp3 demo gentle ballad pad
pad 61_drifty 61_drifty 318 kB   ambient choir pad
pad 62_fmbell 62_fmbell 358 kB   standard FM pad
pad 63_orchestral_1 63_orchestral_1 323 kB   dance strings pad
pad 64_orchestral_2 64_orchestral_2 795 kB mp3 demo long orchestral pad
pad 65_orchestral_3 65_orchestral_3 113 kB   low-end orchestral pad
pad 66_orchestral_4 66_orchestral_4 412 kB   smooth creative pad (multisampled)
pad 67_orchestral_5 67_orchestral_5 703 kB   dramatic pad (multisampled)
pad 68_orchestral_6 68_orchestral_6 779 kB   cathedral pad (multisampled)
pad 69_orchestral_7 69_orchestral_7 563 kB   shadow pad (multisampled)

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