sample arena CDROM library vol.2: Black and White - contents

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This section contains extensive collection of electric pianos. Inspiring fresh ones, classic rhodes or wurlitzer flavoured, funky wah-wah, tremolo, flanger or phaser processed, synthesizer, smooth to rough, warm to cold, phat, talkin', FM synthesis, glassy, digi, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...
epiano 01_classic 01_classic 8136 kB mp3 demo mellow electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 02_dream 02_dream 3703 kB   sweet rhodes piano (multisampled)
epiano 03_lofi_wurli 03_lofi_wurli 6431 kB mp3 demo lo-fi vintage wurlitzer piano (multisampled)
epiano 04_beefy 04_beefy 856 kB   phat dope electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 05_bell 05_bell 3120 kB   sweet sexy e. piano (multisampled)
epiano 06_rhodes_1 06_rhodes_1 2511 kB   classic rhodes piano (multisampled)
epiano 07_rhodes_2 07_rhodes_2 529 kB   intense phat rhodes ep (multisampled)
epiano 08_corned 08_corned 1882 kB   substantial jazz electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 09_mark 09_mark 2635 kB   cool 70s electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 10_wurli 10_wurli 622 kB   multisampled wurlitzer piano
epiano 11_jumper 11_jumper 546 kB   clean FM piano (multisampled)
epiano 12_ufo 12_ufo 362 kB   big bad sick el. piano (multisampled)
epiano 13_superglass 13_superglass 734 kB   clean glassy ep (multisampled)
epiano 14_fab 14_fab 763 kB   up-to-date electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 15_micro 15_micro 181 kB   small size nice sounding ep
epiano 16_detuned 16_detuned 6123 kB   detuned electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 17_downtown_rhodes 17_downtown_rhodes 524 kB mp3 demo sexiest smooth rhodes piano (multisampled)
epiano 18_hash 18_hash 7967 kB   rotating speaker electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 19_superfunk 19_superfunk 582 kB mp3 demo sweet phaser electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 20_fuzz 20_fuzz 585 kB   hard raw electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 21_wide 21_wide 3479 kB   wide ambient stereo electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 22_talker 22_talker 2607 kB   bold electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 23_digi 23_digi 516 kB   nice gritty electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 24_kinston 24_kinston 4118 kB mp3 demo fresh FM electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 25_b-bone 25_b-bone 1128 kB   great vibe electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 26_old_joe 26_old_joe 459 kB   classic RnB electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 27_70s 27_70s 4480 kB mp3 demo very smooth RnB e-piano (multisampled)
epiano 28_pocket 28_pocket 257 kB   small sized solid el. piano (multisampled)
epiano 29_emotion 29_emotion 1044 kB   flavoured hip hop electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 30_bright 30_bright 677 kB   bright and clean electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 31_ambi 31_ambi 5793 kB   ambient electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 32_black_n_white 32_black_n_white 550 kB mp3 demo funked up el. piano (multisampled)
epiano 33_evolution 33_evolution 558 kB   FM type electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 34_ruff 34_ruff 514 kB   vintage electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 35_loaded 35_loaded 519 kB   serious electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 36_warping_1 36_warping_1 713 kB   tremolo electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 37_warping_2 37_warping_2 662 kB   slight tremolo electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 38_sick_dick 38_sick_dick 474 kB   cute hiphop ep (multisampled)
epiano 39_toasted 39_toasted 604 kB   funk electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 40_hi-end 40_hi-end 146 kB   nice top end el.piano (multisampled)
epiano 41_hollow 41_hollow 464 kB   power electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 42_powered 42_powered 645 kB   dark strong electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 43_mystic 43_mystic 261 kB mp3 demo fantastic tinkle electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 44_cut_thru 44_cut_thru 567 kB   hard edgy e. p. (multisampled)
epiano 45_hammered 45_hammered 348 kB   hard ice electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 46_phunkee 46_phunkee 566 kB mp3 demo wah-wah electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 47_84 47_84 1323 kB   soft ringing electric piano (multisampled)
epiano 48_ep242 48_ep242 114 kB   very nice small sized el.piano (multisampled)
This section contains synthesizer lead tones covering everything from classic sine or saw tones to funky talking and tweaking phased, vocoded, filtered and flanged analog ones. Also contained are hard hitting raw buzz alarm sound leads and small efficient memory saving patches...
lead 01_sine 01_sine 133 kB   classic dance and pop lead (multisampled)
lead 02_funky_1 02_funky_1 3556 kB   spicey analog funked-up lead (multisampled)
lead 03_funky_2 03_funky_2 2110 kB mp3 demo wah-wah funky lead (multisampled)
lead 04_funky_3 04_funky_3 3931 kB   talking wah wah lead (multisampled)
lead 05_thin_1 05_thin_1 312 kB   trendy analogue lead (multisampled)
lead 06_thin_2 06_thin_2 279 kB   cute funk lead (multisampled)
lead 07_phaser 07_phaser 990 kB   phasey thick lead
lead 08_singin 08_singin 95 kB mp3 demo vocoder talker lead (multisampler)
lead 09_eeee 09_eeee 8 kB   very high sine wave lead
lead 10_2many 10_2many 2319 kB   synthesizer lead (multisampled)
lead 11_wasp 11_wasp 378 kB   buzz lead
lead 12_9pm 12_9pm 120 kB   flanger lead
lead 13_ghost 13_ghost 600 kB   RnB lead tone (multisampled)
lead 14_banana 14_banana 493 kB mp3 demo whizz lead (multisampled)
lead 15_boh-dy 15_boh-dy 116 kB   hard hit singin lead
lead 16_slider 16_slider 14 kB   nice phunkier lead
lead 17_efficient 17_efficient 10 kB   small memory saving lead
lead 18_throne 18_throne 101 kB   classic Hip Hop vinyl lead
This folder contains everything from classic hammond style organs to fresh new dance organs. Drawbar organs. Percussive organs. Freaky organs. Mellow organs. Jazz organs. Vinyl flavour organs. Blues organs. House organs. Hip hop organs. Rock organs. Pop organs. FM organs. Leslie organs. RnB organs. Church organs...
organ 01_b3_fast 01_b3_fast 6388 kB   fast rotor leslified hammond B3 organ (multisampled)
organ 02_b3_slow 02_b3_slow 6928 kB mp3 demo slow rotor leslified hammond B3 organ (multisampled)
organ 03_b3_thin 03_b3_thin 3209 kB   another multisampled hammond organ
organ 04_flanged 04_flanged 1492 kB   flanged rotor organ (multisampled)
organ 05_perc 05_perc 527 kB   fine percussive organ (multisampled)
organ 06_spagheti 06_spagheti 529 kB mp3 demo dope dance organ (multisampled)
organ 07_stomper 07_stomper 510 kB   very percusive dance organ (multisampled)
organ 08_portable 08_portable 352 kB   memory saving rock organ (multisampled)
organ 09_b3_drive 09_b3_drive 806 kB mp3 demo bluesman overdriven organ (multisampled)
organ 10_b3_full_1 10_b3_full_1 3156 kB   fast jazz organ (multisampled)
organ 11_b3_full_2 11_b3_full_2 3745 kB   warming up close organ (multisampled)
organ 12_hipsta 12_hipsta 1640 kB   Hip Hop hammond organ (multisampled)
organ 13_freestyle 13_freestyle 563 kB   smooth blues organ (multisampled)
organ 14_core_kru 14_core_kru 286 kB mp3 demo great house organ (multisampled)
organ 15_shorted 15_shorted 89 kB   ultimate dance organ (multisampled)
organ 16_ballistic 16_ballistic 2316 kB mp3 demo corky jazz organ (multisampled)
organ 17_upright 17_upright 12 kB   efficient rock organ (multisampled)
organ 18_lazy 18_lazy 656 kB   slow trip hop organ (multisampled)
organ 19_pierce 19_pierce 1131 kB   sharp Hip Hop organ (multisampled)
organ 20_b3_freak 20_b3_freak 1237 kB   retro hammond organ (multisampled)
organ 21_ravey 21_ravey 63 kB mp3 demo nervous rave organ (multisampled)
organ 22_church 22_church 442 kB mp3 demo classic church organ (multisampled)
organ 23_nano 23_nano 5 kB   memory saving organ (multisampled)
organ 24_no_sence 24_no_sence 58 kB   anomalous odd organ
organ 25_rock 25_rock 557 kB   compressed rave organ (multisampled)
organ 26_touch 26_touch 2801 kB   hot fresh organ (multisampled)
organ 27_pepperoni 27_pepperoni 603 kB   vintage drawbar organ (multisampled)
organ 28_b3_blue 28_b3_blue 3824 kB   chill out organ (multisampled)
organ 29_total 29_total 620 kB   phunked organ (multisampled)
organ 30_2brothers 30_2brothers 47 kB   2 parts organ split
organ 31_lounge 31_lounge 255 kB   sweet pop organ
organ 32_phasy 32_phasy 2124 kB   phased blues organ (multisampled)
organ 33_click 33_click 245 kB   click disco organ (multisampled)
organ 34_b3_chillout 34_b3_chillout 2201 kB mp3 demo solid trance organ (multisampled)
organ 35_rapido 35_rapido 86 kB   hyped house organ
organ 36_516 36_516 49 kB   Rhythm and Blues organ
organ 37_mc 37_mc 657 kB   nice perc organ (multisampled)
organ 38_filled 38_filled 551 kB   wide rock organ (multisampled)
organ 39_chemical 39_chemical 1448 kB mp3 demo essential house organ (multisampled)
organ 40_full-on 40_full-on 641 kB   rotary speaker organ (multisampled)
organ 41_b3_core 41_b3_core 1329 kB   electro jazz organ (multisampled)
organ 42_fast_food 42_fast_food 898 kB   fast rotary organ (multisampled)
organ 43_screamin 43_screamin 105 kB   speeded up organ
organ 44_influenced 44_influenced 1353 kB   great club organ (multisampled)
organ 45_smoov 45_smoov 549 kB   little bit clicking organ (multisampled)
organ 46_disrespect 46_disrespect 960 kB   crack organ (multisampled)
organ 47_hell 47_hell 94 kB mp3 demo gorgeous cathedral organ
organ 48_cheezy 48_cheezy 532 kB   cheesy dance organ (multisampled)
organ 49_dirty 49_dirty 233 kB mp3 demo urban blues organ
organ 50_funk423 50_funk423 194 kB   delightful Rhythm and Blues organ
organ 51_stage 51_stage 3511 kB   multisampled stage organ
organ 52_handbag 52_handbag 20 kB mp3 demo radio ready organ
organ 53_slowdown 53_slowdown 899 kB mp3 demo sweet and sexy organ (multisampled)
organ 54_monsta 54_monsta 566 kB   dark gothic organ (multisampled)
organ 55_green 55_green 1686 kB   beautiful organ (multisampled)
organ 56_full_phat 56_full_phat 554 kB   phat elastic organ (multisampled)
organ 57_rubba 57_rubba 429 kB mp3 demo club organ (multisampled)
organ 58_uncle_jim 58_uncle_jim 1126 kB   upright jazz organ (multisampled)
organ 59_insanity 59_insanity 53 kB   upright jazz organ (multisampled)
organ 60_cute 60_cute 804 kB mp3 demo sweet gospel organ (multisampled)
organ 61_orange 61_orange 17 kB   phat rave organ
organ 62_chambers 62_chambers 543 kB   multi sampled classic organ
organ 63_seduction 63_seduction 57 kB   sexy hip-hop organ
organ 64_crank 64_crank 131 kB mp3 demo club house organ (multisampled)
organ 65_phasey 65_phasey 645 kB   multisampled jazz organ
organ 66_ice 66_ice 87 kB   pure organ (multisampled)
organ 67_pumped 67_pumped 272 kB   grind organ (multisampled)
organ 68_hot 68_hot 353 kB   hot fresh percussive organ (multisampled)
organ 69_chimp 69_chimp 15 kB   ambient trance organ (multisampled)
organ 70_gritty 70_gritty 384 kB   groovy funky organ (multisampled)
organ 71_skezo 71_skezo 29 kB   flavoured dance organ
organ 72_midnite 72_midnite 121 kB   tonewheel organ (multisampled)
organ 73_base 73_base 12 kB mp3 demo kicking disco organ
organ 74_rocky 74_rocky 80 kB   small rock organ (multisampled)
This section contains keyboard instruments that do not fit in any other category. Tango accordeon. funked up clav, hard hitting clav. Harpsichords and Marimba...
other 01_accordeon 01_accordeon 63 kB mp3 demo classic accordion
other 02_standard_clavi 02_standard_clavi 730 kB   funked up clavi (multisampled)
other 03_progressive_clavi 03_progressive_clavi 548 kB   bit harder clav (multisampled)
other 04_classic_harpsi 04_classic_harpsi 2722 kB   multisampled harpsichord
other 05_massive_harpsi 05_massive_harpsi 2918 kB   consistent harpsichord (multisampled)
other 06_grilled_harpsi 06_grilled_harpsi 591 kB   flavoured harpsichord (multisampled)
other 07_marimba 07_marimba 1306 kB mp3 demo very jazzy marimba (multisampled)
This section contains concert grand pianos, jazzy pianos, bright pianos, pop pianos, house pianos, RnB pianos, wah pianos, lo-fi pianos, pianos combined with background strings, pianos layered alongside acoustic jazz bass, hybrid electro-acoustic pianos, ruff hiphop pianos, old school pianos to nu age pianos. Cool dance piano chords...
piano 01_grand_1 01_grand_1 6163 kB   steinway grand piano (multisampled)
piano 02_grand_2 02_grand_2 3682 kB mp3 demo classic grand piano (multisampled)
piano 03_bright 03_bright 5801 kB   bright dance piano (multisampled)
piano 04_lofi_1 04_lofi_1 3693 kB   lo-fi vintage piano (multisampled)
piano 05_strings_1 05_strings_1 16628 kB   grand piano layered over soundtrack strings (multisampled)
piano 06_strings_2 06_strings_2 6123 kB   piano + strings together (multisampled)
piano 07_strings_3 07_strings_3 3370 kB   romantic piano strings (multisampled)
piano 08_strings_4 08_strings_4 1484 kB   dance club piano + strings (multisampled)
piano 09_smoov 09_smoov 5779 kB   steinway concert grand piano (multisampled)
piano 10_wah 10_wah 658 kB   funkyfied wah-wah piano (multisampled)
piano 11_piano+bass 11_piano+bass 843 kB   upright bass on left hand, piano on right (multisampled)
piano 12_belly 12_belly 5001 kB mp3 demo dream tinkler piano (multisampled)
piano 13_honkytonk 13_honkytonk 684 kB   ragtime honky tonky piano (multisampled)
piano 14_short_1 14_short_1 1342 kB   short tremolo piano (multisampled)
piano 15_stage_1 15_stage_1 947 kB   blues piano (multisampled)
piano 16_stage_2 16_stage_2 1091 kB   smoov blues piano (multisampled)
piano 17_stage_3 17_stage_3 1282 kB mp3 demo rockin stage piano (multisampled)
piano 18_hybrid_1 18_hybrid_1 2329 kB   electric - acoustic hybrid piano (multisampled)
piano 19_hybrid_2 19_hybrid_2 2706 kB   electric - acoustic combined piano (multisampled)
piano 20_lofi_2 20_lofi_2 2499 kB   dirty lo-fi piano (multisampled)
piano 21_short_2 21_short_2 668 kB   expressive acoustic piano (multisampled)
piano 22_lofi_3 22_lofi_3 3613 kB   lo-fi hazy piano (multisampled)
piano 23_refined 23_refined 4373 kB   fabulous pop piano (multisampled)
piano 24_eco 24_eco 84 kB   memory saving dance piano (multisampled)
piano 25_phantastic 25_phantastic 3227 kB   great acoustic piano (multisampled)
piano 26_cheesy 26_cheesy 341 kB   short toy piano (multisampled)
piano 27_lowcost 27_lowcost 156 kB   low cost pop piano (multisampled)
piano 28_cool 28_cool 384 kB   cool house piano (multisampled)
piano 29_bright_2 29_bright_2 647 kB   stunning RnB piano (multisampled)
piano 30_bluesman 30_bluesman 880 kB   sweet blues piano (multisampled)
piano 31_grand_3 31_grand_3 890 kB   fine rock piano (multisampled)
piano 32_charlie 32_charlie 931 kB   slight chorus piano (multisampled)
piano 33_pine 33_pine 635 kB   drum and bass piano (multisampled)
piano 34_fat_boy 34_fat_boy 1306 kB mp3 demo fat hip-hop piano (multisampled)
piano 35_inspiration 35_inspiration 694 kB   moody jazz piano (multisampled)
piano 36_kid_jeff 36_kid_jeff 481 kB   oldskool dance piano (multisampled)
piano 37_nice_1 37_nice_1 877 kB   fine classic piano (multisampled)
piano 38_nice_2 38_nice_2 504 kB   nice ding piano (multisampled)
piano 39_nice_3 39_nice_3 662 kB   slow tinkle piano (multisampled)
piano 40_nice_4 40_nice_4 721 kB   bright piano (multisampled)
piano 41_chord01 41_chord01 23 kB   dance piano chord
piano 42_chord02 42_chord02 21 kB   dance piano chord
piano 43_chord03 43_chord03 31 kB   dance piano chord
piano 44_chord04 44_chord04 18 kB   dance piano chord
piano 45_chord05 45_chord05 37 kB mp3 demo dance piano chord
piano 46_chord06 46_chord06 26 kB   dance piano chord
piano 47_chord07 47_chord07 46 kB mp3 demo dance piano chord
piano 48_chord08 48_chord08 45 kB   dance piano chord
piano 49_chord09 49_chord09 24 kB   dance piano chord
piano 50_chord10 50_chord10 81 kB mp3 demo dance piano chord
piano 51_chord11 51_chord11 40 kB   dance piano chord
piano 52_chord12 52_chord12 85 kB   dance piano chord
piano 53_chord13 53_chord13 97 kB   dance piano chord
piano 54_chord14 54_chord14 35 kB   dance piano chord
piano 55_chord15 55_chord15 53 kB   dance piano chord
piano 56_chord16 56_chord16 29 kB   dance piano chord
piano 57_chord17 57_chord17 62 kB   dance piano chord
piano 58_chord18 58_chord18 40 kB   dance piano chord
piano 59_chord19 59_chord19 30 kB   dance piano chord
piano 60_chord20 60_chord20 21 kB   dance piano chord
The last folder contains varied collection of classic and fresh synthesizers. Vintage analog synths. FM synthesis. Digital synths. Synth sweeps, slides. Arpeggio synths. Oscillating synths. Low-pass, high-pass and band pass filtered synths, distorted acid and rave synths, smoov sexy synths, bells and more...
synth 001_backdown 001_backdown 504 kB mp3 demo mainstream dance synth (multisampled)
synth 002_rpg_1 002_rpg_1 210 kB   acid synth (multisampled)
synth 003_rpg_2 003_rpg_2 3847 kB mp3 demo fantasy trance synth (multisampled)
synth 004_rpg_3 004_rpg_3 3364 kB   smooth trance synth (multisampled)
synth 005_rpg_4 005_rpg_4 339 kB   basso trancey synth (multisampled)
synth 006_rpg_5 006_rpg_5 354 kB   smooth dense synth (multisampled)
synth 007_rpg_6 007_rpg_6 396 kB   resonant filter synth (multisampled)
synth 008_rpg_7 008_rpg_7 327 kB   noise synth (multisampled)
synth 009_rpg_8 009_rpg_8 887 kB   hypno trance synth (multisampled)
synth 010_rpg_9 010_rpg_9 314 kB mp3 demo cool electronica synth (multisampled)
synth 011_rpg_10 011_rpg_10 79 kB   cool electronica synth (multisampled)
synth 012_rpg_11 012_rpg_11 51 kB   dense dance synth (multisampled)
synth 013_rpg_12 013_rpg_12 42 kB   in fashion synth (multisampled)
synth 014_compressed 014_compressed 12 kB   compressed bass synth
synth 015_slide 015_slide 79 kB mp3 demo rave and hardcore synthesizer slides
synth 016_sweep_1 016_sweep_1 213 kB   long analog filter sweep
synth 017_sweep_2 017_sweep_2 698 kB mp3 demo old school drum and bass synth (multisampled)
synth 018_sweep_3 018_sweep_3 1648 kB   phat jungle bass (multisampled)
synth 019_sweep_4 019_sweep_4 3125 kB   acid synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 020_sweep_5 020_sweep_5 2296 kB   chill out analog arpeg. (multisampled)
synth 021_sweep_6 021_sweep_6 270 kB   retro acid synth (multisampled)
synth 022_sweep_7 022_sweep_7 463 kB   fresh Drum and Bass synth (multisampled)
synth 023_sweep_8 023_sweep_8 1348 kB   electro noise synth (multisampled)
synth 024_sweep_9 024_sweep_9 1149 kB   cutting-off synth (multisampled)
synth 025_sweep_10 025_sweep_10 16470 kB   smooth synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 026_sweep_11 026_sweep_11 1436 kB   resonant synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 027_sweep_12 027_sweep_12 2917 kB   very resonant synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 028_sweep_13 028_sweep_13 1646 kB   super resonant synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 029_sweep_14 029_sweep_14 1494 kB   opening filter synth sweep (multisampled)
synth 030_sweep_15 030_sweep_15 1428 kB mp3 demo phat dance bass (multisampled)
synth 031_sweep_16 031_sweep_16 99 kB   high pass synthesizer
synth 032_sweep_17 032_sweep_17 99 kB   deep fat analog sweep
synth 033_phaser_1 033_phaser_1 162 kB   pulse width modulation synthesizer
synth 034_phaser_2 034_phaser_2 1220 kB   phaser synthesizer (multisampled)
synth 035_stupid 035_stupid 546 kB   euro dance synthesizer (multisampled)
synth 036_siren 036_siren 1174 kB   long sweep synthesizer
synth 037_phunnnK 037_phunnnK 690 kB   future dance synthesizer (multisampled)
synth 038_brassy 038_brassy 389 kB mp3 demo synth horn (multisampled)
synth 039_surgery 039_surgery 327 kB   spiced trance synth (multisampled)
synth 040_pulsing_1 040_pulsing_1 2223 kB   pitch modulation synth (multisampled)
synth 041_pulsing_2 041_pulsing_2 2789 kB   phat rave vibrato synth (multisampled)
synth 042_pulsing_3 042_pulsing_3 615 kB   deep jungle bass (multisampled)
synth 043_pulsing_4 043_pulsing_4 416 kB   sub bass (multisampled)
synth 044_pulsing_5 044_pulsing_5 8857 kB mp3 demo retro analog modulated synth (multisampled)
synth 045_pulsing_6 045_pulsing_6 979 kB   chorus synth (multisampled)
synth 046_pulsing_7 046_pulsing_7 475 kB   deep modulation analog synth (multisampled)
synth 047_pulsing_8 047_pulsing_8 443 kB mp3 demo retro bass (multisampled)
synth 048_pulsing_9 048_pulsing_9 2342 kB   rave synth (multisampled)
synth 049_sine 049_sine 357 kB   sine wave synth (multisampled)
synth 050_flat_1 050_flat_1 534 kB mp3 demo amazing dance synth (multisampled)
synth 051_flat_2 051_flat_2 621 kB   creative jungle bass (multisampled)
synth 052_flat_3 052_flat_3 707 kB   essential dance synth (multisampled)
synth 053_flat_4 053_flat_4 597 kB mp3 demo excellent RnB synth (multisampled)
synth 054_flat_5 054_flat_5 1312 kB   raw electronica synth (multisampled)
synth 055_flat_6 055_flat_6 357 kB   pumping trance bass (multisampled)
synth 056_flat_7 056_flat_7 568 kB   phat trance synth (multisampled)
synth 057_flat_8 057_flat_8 1898 kB   essential hard house synth (multisampled)
synth 058_flat_9 058_flat_9 742 kB   core electro synth (multisampled)
synth 059_flat_10 059_flat_10 187 kB   smooth trance sequence synth (multisampled)
synth 060_flat_11 060_flat_11 14 kB   acid trancey synth
synth 061_flat_12 061_flat_12 176 kB   inspirational texture synth (multisampled)
synth 062_flat_13 062_flat_13 1177 kB   retro analogue synth (multisampled)
synth 063_flat_14 063_flat_14 764 kB   poison trance synth (multisampled)
synth 064_flat_15 064_flat_15 750 kB   expressive synthesizer (multisampled)
synth 065_lo-res 065_lo-res 169 kB   bold electronica synth
synth 066_ultraphat 066_ultraphat 38 kB   buzz synth
synth 067_aaa3 067_aaa3 227 kB   clicking rave synth (multisampled)
synth 068_choiry 068_choiry 580 kB mp3 demo creative choiry pad (multisampled)
synth 069_belly 069_belly 287 kB   fantasy bell synth (multisampled)
synth 070_overdriven_1 070_overdriven_1 324 kB   super phat hardcore synth (multisampled)
synth 071_overdriven_2 071_overdriven_2 334 kB   hard trance synth (multisampled)
synth 072_overdriven_3 072_overdriven_3 1296 kB mp3 demo mad angry synth (multisampled)
synth 073_overdriven_4 073_overdriven_4 12 kB   simple overdrive synth
synth 074_thrash 074_thrash 96 kB   power electro bass synth
synth 075_mary_square 075_mary_square 156 kB mp3 demo awesome square wave synth
synth 076_diego 076_diego 54 kB   distinct techno texture synth
synth 077_mess_1 077_mess_1 578 kB   bold sick synth (multisampled)
synth 078_mess_2 078_mess_2 350 kB   hardcore techno synth (multisampled)
synth 079_mess_3 079_mess_3 730 kB   unique trance synth (multisampled)
synth 080_reso_1 080_reso_1 567 kB   resonant saw synth (multisampled)
synth 081_reso_2 081_reso_2 1090 kB mp3 demo great ol skool synth (multisampled)
synth 082_reso_3 082_reso_3 933 kB   uk rave hardcore synth (multisampled)
synth 083_reso_4 083_reso_4 1172 kB   super resonant analogue synth (multisampled)
synth 084_reso_5 084_reso_5 972 kB   fat resonant synth (multisampled)
synth 085_hardcore_1 085_hardcore_1 113 kB   90s rich techno synth (multisampled)
synth 086_hardcore_2 086_hardcore_2 523 kB mp3 demo set of 3 classic techno synth sounds
synth 087_vinyl 087_vinyl 1200 kB   vinyl noise ol skool tone (multisampled)
synth 088_recharged 088_recharged 1375 kB   radical trance synth (multisampled)
synth 089_stinger 089_stinger 19 kB   short acid techno stinger
synth 090_kit_1 090_kit_1 1553 kB   set of 21 analog synth tones, sweeps, slides...
synth 091_kit_2 091_kit_2 301 kB   7 analog synth tones, knob moves and other synth stuff
synth 092_kit_3 092_kit_3 1664 kB   set of 27 analog sweeping tones, textures...
synth 093_bright 093_bright 534 kB   multisampled bright fresh synth
synth 094_quantum 094_quantum 442 kB   bangin sequencer synth (multisampled)
synth 095_itchy 095_itchy 13 kB   hard-hitting smacked sound
synth 096_alchemy 096_alchemy 993 kB   fresh synthesized electronica sound (multisampled)
synth 097_blue 097_blue 90 kB   classic technoish synth (multisampled)
synth 098_tracy 098_tracy 167 kB mp3 demo cool psycho trance bell
synth 099_5set_1 099_5set_1 216 kB   collection of 5 studio synths
synth 100_5set_2 100_5set_2 49 kB   set of 5 mad hardcore sounds
synth 101_5set_3 101_5set_3 182 kB   set of 5 classic hardcore samples
synth 102_5set_4 102_5set_4 267 kB mp3 demo 5 fresh synthesizer sounds
synth 103_5set_5 103_5set_5 310 kB   set of 5 phrase synths
synth 104_5set_6 104_5set_6 287 kB   5 various synthesizer hits
synth 105_5set_7 105_5set_7 168 kB   set of 5 all genres universal synth sounds
synth 106_5set_8 106_5set_8 1392 kB   5 whacky mad synths
synth 107_5set_9 107_5set_9 253 kB   5 crazy trance synths
synth 108_5set_10 108_5set_10 214 kB   5 different synth sounds
synth 109_scout 109_scout 211 kB   sweet downtempo synth
synth 110_80 110_80 11 kB   big trance synth
synth 111_cronox 111_cronox 37 kB mp3 demo essential trance synth


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